09:30 to 16:00 approx.

You are invited to APPLY NOW for a FREE place on our Hypnotherapy Foundation Weekend from the comfort of your home. Absolutely 100% free and unconditional.

For two exciting days, allow our world class tutors to introduce you to the amazing power of the mind. A full information packed weekend in our tried and tested virtual classroom. All absolutely FREE and UNCONDITIONAL


Starting on the Saturday with the fascinating history of hypnosis. We will discuss the pioneers, who brought hypnosis from a mystical and magical art to the valid therapeutic and scientifically proven phenomenon that hypnotherapy is today.

Moving on we explore the functions and role of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and then into the incredible power of suggestion.

As the afternoon approaches, your tutor will share with you the concept of rapid rapport building and the 10 basic presuppositions of behaviour modification. By the end of the Saturday, you will be looking forward to putting everything you learned into practice on the Sunday.

The Sunday pace will be more relaxed and your tutor will demonstrate your very first hypnotic induction on a willing volunteer from the class.

All this leading to the highlight of this free and carefully structured training weekend, where you will be invited to work with a fellow student and experience the magic of delivering your very first hypnosis session. Then swapping roles to receive your very first hypnosis session in a controlled and supportive environment.

Finally, for those students who wish to be considered to take their new found skill to practitioner level, your tutor will explain our strict selection process, the costs involved and ending the weekend with the opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding our practitioner level training.