Having spent over 25 years teaching live in venues across the UK, we were pleasantly surprised when we were forced into using a virtual classroom during Covid ‘lockdowns’.

We pioneered a system that works even better than face to face classroom training utilising the internationally renowned Zoom platform. We have breakout rooms where you can privately go and practice one to one sessions supervised by our world class tutors.

Even the so called ‘technophobes’ can soon get used to using this virtual classroom and embrace the numerous advantages of such.

 Here are just some of the many benefits in training via our Live Virtual Classroom

  • Learn from home
  • No issue with inclement weather
  • No dependency on public transport
  • No need for childcare or animal sitters
  • Save money (food, travel)
  • No dependency on venues
  • Reduced time commitment
  • No travelling to venues
  • Zero risk of cross viral infections
  • Accelerated learning environment
  • More breaks
  • More focus
  • Less distractions
  • Successful mode of teaching and therapy