Over the years, here at Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis, we have developed a unique and successful model for teaching and marketing our unique product. This enables students to learn hypnotherapy using a tried and tested, proven system and ultimately becoming highly skilled hypnotherapists with the potential to run a thriving business.

We are the pioneers of Hypnotherapy Marketing and Practitioner Level Training.

We are also proud that lots of other training organisations attempt to copy and model our system, with some even copying text from our website ‘word for word’ and duplicating our methods of payment as well as our unique course syllabus.

However, we wish to make it absolutely clear that Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis has absolutely no connections with these training providers.

They have simply ‘cloned’ our working models and practices in an attempt to be as successful, which of course they never will.

Ironically, the one important aspect that they will never ‘clone’ is our drive and infinite passion for the craft and for bringing out the very best students. That comes from our heart and soul.

We aim to be the best in our particular field and to surpass our student’s expectations; our teaching methods are unique, supportive, warm and friendly. We are absolutely dedicated to this profession and we intend to assist and train each and every student to become a competent practitioner in modern clinical hypnosis.

Despite these attempts to clone our methods and practices, we still remain Europe’s top training provider in Clinical Hypnosis.

It’s always good to research other training providers, but it would be wise to be mindful of other training organisations looking to ‘ride’ on our continued success.